Bubs n Bags were created by parents for parents. We believe in an active life after the baby.


our journey

Welcome to Bubs n Bags! Our journey starts with our belief in active life after having a baby. We are here to help you with your little bundle of joy!

Here at Bubs n Bags, we want to make your life easier. Bubs n Bags presents to you diaper bag backpacks specially designed for your baby’s necessities and your peace of mind. We use innovative design technology, so we can bring you diaper bag backpacks made of the highest grade materials. These specially adapted materials prevent smells, color fading, and stains on the surface and interior. Which provides plenty of  space for the things your baby needs, making it durable and classy in appearance.

The diaper bag backpack comes with your baby and you in mind, so you will discover they have plenty of space to store wipes, diapers, bottles and fresh clothes. There’s even space for your things, too. With the diaper bag’s insulated lining, it will keep your baby’s milk warmer for longer, meaning you get to feed your little bundle of joy when they need it. Each compartment is made for maximum organization, so you can grab what you need when you need it. With super classy in appearance.There’s no need to haul about those dreary looking backpacks that fall apart about a week after purchase as with Bubs n Bags, quality is what counts.

With a wide range of diaper bag backpack designs to choose from. You get the comfort and demand out of our super handy products you’ve been searching for. you’ll never go without when you have our amazing diaper bag.

We at Bubs n Bags know how important it is to keep all your baby’s essentials with you and in one place, so we ship internationally. We offer free shipping on all our products and compete with our competitors to bring those prices down without sacrificing quality or design.